About Us


Our farm has been in the family since we settled from Scotland in 1841. There was a house built that burned down in the late 1800’s then the “new” house was built in front of that area. This photo below show the house approx 100 years ago followed by the house in the early 21st century.

The house has grown, and so has the farm. We have been organic for approximately 20 years, as it would have been originally.



& Now

Our family runs the farm from a single story home built next to the old farmhouse as the matriarch, Lorraine Lamont, still lives in the traditional farmhouse.

Both homes, one laneway but two houses, and the various barns and building make up Glengyle Farm.

“The Home Farm”

There are several generations and people as far as across Canada to New York and New Jersey that still call this The Home Farm. With Gramma living in the big house, there is always a place to stay and friends and family are always welcomed.